ArmorThane Is Providing Major Profits During The Pandemic

During the pandemic, we have seen material shortages that have affected a vast number of industries. One sector affected is the lumber industry.  Prices for two-by-fours just last May hit levels that were more than twice their previous record set three years ago.  

Hope is on the horizon, however.  Just two months later and lumber prices have fallen nearly 70% from that record level and are now starting to resemble wood pricing levels before the lockdown cut supplies short and boosted demand. 

Despite the shortages of lumber, appliances, and other building materials that led many builders to limit the number of homes they start, total housing starts rose 3.6% in May.  This creates an opportunity for the ArmorThane applicator and their polymers.  As the demand for housing starts to increase, so does the need for protective coatings.  A new home can benefit from open and closed cell spray foam in many ways. ArmorThane’s foam acts as an air barrier and insulation in one.

Improved indoor air quality means a healthier home.  It reduces energy consumption for heating and cooling so you can see a return on your investment.  ArmorFoam works its magic between the walls so you don’t see it in a finished home.  But don’t think coatings can only be used for protection.  ArmorThane’s polyaspartic roll-on ArmorFloor can top off the garage and make your home complete.  Not only does it add great chemical and skid resistance, but it can also protect the concrete for years to come and you can even add decorative chips during the application process and make your garage truly unique looking.