Polyurea Protective Coatings

Armorthane specializes in the application of polyurea coating. Polyurea high-build, fast set spray-applied elastomers give important safety to various metal, urethane foam, steel, wood, concrete, plastic, fiberglass, rubber, and many other substrates.
A polyurea coating is the outcome of a reaction between a resin blend and isocyanate, which forms a rubber or plastic-like compound. This elastomer can be used in equal way to other technologies same as epoxy and polyurethane, but the defense it gives combines the top features of both these coatings. Polyurea is used for every item from mining and pipeline tools to asbestos encapsulation, playing field fixtures, waterproof tank linings and more.

Five reasons to consider ArmorThane polyurea coating for your project:

ArmorThane polyurea is a coasting of choice in industrial, commercial, residential and marine applications because it has many benefits matched to its substitutes. These contain:
Minimum downtime: A curing time from thirty seconds to two minutes means there is almost quick return-to-service time.
Corrosion and waterproof protection: ArmorThane polyurea coating have moisture resistance and insensitivity. They have low permeability and also resilient to water, offering corrosion protection. So, they are also used as tank linings
Power and flexibility: Polyurea has a top polymeric elongation describing that it spreads as well as tears and defend against punctures.

High resistance: An ArmorThane polyurea coating offers abrasion, chemical and UV resistance, as well as being capable to withstand high temperature changes.
How ArmorThane Polyurea truck bed liners have become the famous choice?

Durability: Polyurea is a powerful material with a top degree of elasticity, making it perfect for hard working areas like truck beds. It is also chemical resistant and water.

Quicker drying time: 
Polyurea spray on bed liners dries quicker than any other polymer, as pretty as 3-5 seconds. This makes it favorites for truck owners having their truck sprayed, as they can put the vehicle back into use very fast after application. For spray shop owners, this is advantage because you would not have vehicles taking up important shop space while waiting for finished surfaces to dry.
Adding color: Pigments can be included to the truck liner spray to match the truck color, even metallic colors can be applied. In addition to this, UV inhibitors can be included to polyurea coasting to stop colors from fading over time.
Where to find polyurea spray specialists in USA
Investing in polyurea saves you funds due to return to service losses and low downtime, the lifetime of the coating is very high, and the speed of application, meaning fewer billable hours for the applicators. There are numerous polyurea specialists operating in USA but I recommend ArmorThane.