Purchasing Polyurea

Polyurea derives from the Polyurethane family and is remarkably versatile; known for its excellent adhesion, abrasion resistance and ability to fight corrosive material, as well as it powerful long-lasting coating, waterproofing capabilities and an amazingly fast cure time. Polyurea is the leading solution in protective coatings.

Polyurea is an excellent coating, robust enough for heavy duty use in commercial applications. It is very tough and unyielding to most chemicals. We spray 100% Polyurea with high pressure, high-temperature system. It hardens in fewer than 10 seconds so you get an even, fine grain factory polished look. We can also add extra character for a traction-enhanced exterior to high traffic areas, walkways, bumpers, stairs, and any other places that may need to be skid proof.

Polyurea is remarkably durable & resistant to chemicals, it is ideal for large duty work! Whether you are looking to guard against rust & corrosion, need a non-skid coating or want a tough, durable emergency coating, Polyurea is more than likely the answer for you.

    Ramps, large sized coolers and freezers, restaurant kitchens and grocery stores, decks, porches and balconies, commercial pools, concrete foundations, aquariums, and ponds.
    Street sweepers, utility trucks, sidestep vans, horse trailers & freight liners, tankers, RV trailers
    Ambulances, armored panels, spray rigs, interior cab floorboards, boat floors and trailers, garbage trucks and transport containers.

The possibilities are limitless. Our specialists can advise the best coating system based on your requirements.
Polyurea comes in basic black or we can custom match any color. Contact us now to discuss how Polyurea Coatings can enhance your ensuing project!