Enhance Your Construction Equipment With Polyurea



Construction services is a term that is an all-encompassing term for all aspects of a job in construction. Construction is the process of building something new. The most common construction job is for erecting buildings. There are many steps involved in a construction project unless you’ve got a magical genie that is willing to make a building appear from thin air. Let’s say you are a project manager or a contractor responsible for building the project from scratch. In this case, Polyurea coatings are a must for all your heavy-duty and small-sized vehicles.

ArmorThane has developed a durable, reliable, and strong coating that will protect your vehicles, tools, and equipment. Polyurea coatings not only protect what you spray but also extend the life of your equipment and increase its aesthetic value. We’ll be discussing how polyurea coatings can enhance your construction services. Get in touch with us today to get started!



Although this may seem obvious, you’d be amazed at how many subcontractors, project managers, and construction companies forget to do so. Your vehicles, from your pickup truck to your trucks for hauling dirt and dust or trailers, could all benefit from polyurea coatings. ArmorThane’s coatings are super fast. This is just the beginning. You can forget all about them once they are applied. They will protect your vehicle from scratches, dents, and moisture that could lead to corrosion. You can also choose a cool-colored polyurea coating to make it easy for you to pick up at your local hardware store.


We discussed the benefits of using a polyurea coat on heavy equipment in our last blog post. Many project managers and contractors view heavy equipment as indestructible. They are heavy, weighing thousands of pounds. They could be damaged. They could be harmed by the same elements as any other piece of machinery. The threat does not change in size, but it may be smaller. Your backhoe will use more oil and gas than your pickup truck. Some many chemicals and fluids can damage heavy equipment. It’s crucial to stay vigilant. ArmorThane’s polyurea coating could almost eliminate this threat.


Your power systems are another piece of equipment often forgotten that is essential for job sites. Your power systems are everything you need to provide electricity for your job site. These systems include generators, air compressors, and lighting. These machinery pieces are essential to your job site, especially if you need them for night work. They often spend long periods outside in the elements. ArmorThane can protect all of this machinery. You can apply a layer to protect your entire system against moisture, rain, and snow in one easy step. Windy days can cause debris to blow and damage your power systems. A protective coating can help you avoid costly repairs after a strong storm.


Trailers are required to transport heavy equipment, particularly if it is tracked and not on wheels. Trailers can also take a lot of abuse. They must haul thousands of pounds worth of machinery, and they are also outside exposed to the elements. People use their trailers to store heavy machinery. You’ll often see skid steers and dozers on trailers at job sites, especially if they need to be moved within a few days. ArmorThane has the best polyurea coatings available, so you can coat your trailer wherever it is needed. When you transport heavy equipment, your trailer will be protected from road debris and other debris. This will prevent erosion and provide a non-slip surface that your equipment can grasp onto. The best, most durable, and longest-lasting polyurea coating is recommended for construction trailers.


ArmorThane has been developed over 50 years and is the most effective chemical formula for protecting your vehicles, trailers, power systems, and heavy equipment. Spray-on polyurea coatings have been tested for fire, flood, fungus, and safe walking surfaces. It’s hard to imagine all the uses for our top-rated coatings. ArmorThane is available to help you with polyurea coatings in your construction company.